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私たちの研究室では,マイクロ・ナノフォトニック構造の創製を目的として,先進的なレーザーリソグラフィ技術の応用研究に取り組んでいます.レーザーリソグラフィ技術は,レーザー集光域に誘起される2光子吸収やアブレーション,光ブレイクダウンなどの 非線形光学過程を用いることにより,3次元パターニングを可能にします.結果,パターニングにより,光学特性を大きく変調することができます.マイクロ・ナノフォトニック構造の例として,下図に示すようなフォトニック結晶や周波数選択表面,回折光学素子などが本技術により実現されます.

We are working on application of advanced laser lithography technique for creation of micro- and nano-photonic structures. Laser lithography allows three-dimensional patterning of materials. It uses non-linear optical processes, such as two-photon photopolymerization, laser ablation, or optical breakdown induced at the focus of the laser beam to photomodify various materials. As a result of patterning, their optical properties may become strongly modified. Typical examples of such novel optical materials are photonic crystals (PhC), frequency-selective surfaces (FSS), diffractive optical elements (DOE). By using laser lithography technique we can realize these structures quickly. Principle of laser lithography and some our previous results achieved using this technique are explained in the pictures below. 

Figure 1. Application of laser lithography for patterning of various materials

Figure 2. Photonic crystal with spiral architecture fabricated by two-photon photo-polymerisation in photoresist

Figure 3. Frequency-selective surface structures fabricated by laser ablation in thin gold films

Figure 4. Diffractive optical element (Damann grating) fabricated via  photorefractive effect in lithium niobate 

Figure 5. Evidence of nanocrystals of super-dense aluminum in

sapphire irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses. 




Dept. of Electronics and Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering

ミゼイキス ビガンタス


Mizeikis Vygantas

Professor, PhD


Office: Research Institute of Electronics, room 104


118, 220 室

Lab:  Research Institute of Electronics, rooms 118, 220

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